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Making Pregnancy and Childbirth a Reality

European Sperm Bank USA, located in Seattle, Washington, was established to provide couples and individuals with the choices they need to make dreams of conception, pregnancy and childbirth a reality. ESB-USA's mission is to maintain the highest quality standards in the recruitment, screening, storage and distribution of semen provided by open and anonymous donors, and directed or known donors. ESB-USA has helped thousands of married and unmarried couples, same-sex couples and single women through the process of selecting an appropriate donor. By combining medical expertise with a personal, compassionate approach, ESB-USA seeks to ensure that clients worldwide receive a product of the highest quality that meets the unique needs of their family.

Specializing in Open Identity Donors

Although European Sperm Bank USA also has anonymous donors, ESB USA specializes in Open Identity or Open ID donors. These donors have agreed to at least a single contact with any children born through use of their sperm, upon request of the child, when the child reaches the age of 18.

Because ESB USA understands that donor sperm is of the utmost importance to our clients, all of our donors are subject to an extensive screening process. In addition to providing detailed family medical and personal history information, donors undergo semen analysis, a physical examination, extensive blood and urine testing, and genetic screening at our sperm bank. ESB USA uses industry-leading donor screening procedures and adheres strictly to the FDA and state regulations for sperm banks. For donor semen sold outside of the United States, ESB USA complies with all international health authority screening guidelines .

Choosing the Right Donor at the Sperm Bank

To assist our clients in choosing the right donor, European Sperm Bank USA provides extended profiles (including essays), audio interviews, Keirsey tests and baby photos. In addition, we use a personalized approach with each donor, enabling our relatively small staff to get to know each donor on a first name basis. This allows us to provide insightful staff impressions to better help clients choose the right donor for their family from our sperm bank.

Donor sperm can be processed by ESB USA for all forms of artificial insemination (IUI, ICI and IVI), as well as in-vitro fertilization (IVF). ESB USA sperm bank staff are available to work with you and your doctor to determine the most appropriate procedure for your circumstances, the type of donor sperm needed and the appropriate number of vials. ESB USA utilizes laboratory expertise to ensure that donated sperm meets the most advanced processing standards in all our sperm banks.

European Sperm Bank USA is committed to providing our clients with the very best in donor selection and customer service. In addition to providing a large selection of high quality donor semen, ESB USA also offers directed donor services and storage options in our sperm bank facilities.


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